Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the commonly asked questions from our clients.

Our doctor database contains information about every medical provider (doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists, etc.) actively operating in the United States. Each list details where they provide treatment, what type of healthcare provider they are, and their contact information such as address, phone, and fax numbers. Typically, claims data analysis and healthcare system modeling begin with this dataset.

Our data is of high fidelity as it comes directly from CMS under the Freedom of Information Act and is updated monthly. Some records might have an old “Last updated date”. It simply means those providers have not changed their place of work. You can confirm this by selecting a few random records and verifying them on the Free NPI Search Website.

Name Prefix, Name Suffix, Credential, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Gender, Mailing Address 1st Line, Mailing Address 2nd Line, Mailing Address City, Mailing Address State, Mailing Address Zip Code, Mailing Address Phone, Mailing Address Fax, Business Address 1st Line, Business Address 2nd Line, Business Address City, Business Address State, Business Address Zip Code, Business Address Phone, Business Address Fax, Classification, Specialization, License Number, Last Update Date, NPI. You can download our free doctor database sample here.

You can pay with a credit card or use PayPal.

The delivery of our files is immediate upon payment. You will receive a download link right after completing the order.

Our website uses SSL technology, the most secure in online shopping. The traffic to and from our website is encrypted. Encryption means no one else can read any credit card details and/or any passwords you enter here.

Email addresses are only provided with the Doctor Email List products.

We can provide an invoice upon request.

Our database is updated monthly, as soon as the new data is available from the federal agency. Each product description specifies the exact date the database was updated.

Product update information

Yes. Our complete database contains over 4M records. We can provide lists of any medical profession as well as Hospitals and other Health Care Facilities. Custom lists are also available by request (e.g. list of registered nurses for a particular postal code or a lat/long box).

There are many examples of how our database is used by clients. Most common, however, are companies selling medical products or software solutions for the healthcare industry. It’s also quite common for recruiters to buy our lists in order to find new prospects for their clients or directly for a clinic. People use various methods to contact the medical workers. Most common is the phone or fax but recently also direct mail and e-mail.