U.S. Physician Statistics for May 2018

All the statistical data on physicians in the United States presented here are based on the May 2018 update of our database.
  • Total number of doctors in the United States: 1,160,683
  • Number of unique business addresses: 602,450
  • Number of unique mailing addresses: 620,181
  • Number of unique business phone numbers: 524,533
  • Number of unique business fax numbers: 357,125
Note: The term doctor includes professions such as Allergist / Immunologist, Anesthesiologist, Audiologist, Chiropractor, Dermatologist, Emergency Doctor, Family Doctor, Internist Neurological Surgeon, Obstetrician / Gynecologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Otolaryngologist, Pathologist, Pediatrician, Plastic Surgeons, Podiatrist, Psychiatrist / Neurologist, Radiologist, Surgeons, Urologist, and Optometrist. It does not include Dentists.