New database pricing plan

Seems like every week a new website springs up copying our products. Doctor database this, doctor database that, they all seem to offer the same thing but at high prices. It’s not exactly known if their data is accurate or up-to-date but it definitely adds to the confusion. After all, how do you supposed to know where to get your perfect list from? At the same time not risking spending money on something inaccurate.

As a result, we decided to reduce our prices and explain where the data comes from and how it is priced.

Doctor database source

The database of physicians, nurses, dentists and all other medical practitioners in the U.S. is available for free under the Freedom of Information Act and can be obtained by anyone directly from the federal agency issuing licenses to these professionals.

The difficulty for most is handling that file because it is enormous. The file size is too big for any regular application to open. That’s because it contains almost 6 million records (as of Feb 2019). Downloading alone can be tricky too because of the size and the fact it is compressed.

Pricing explained

Our pricing model is very simple. We do not charge for the data, only for processing it. That is downloading each month, unpacking the compressed data, importing to a database for easy management and then running tools to generate specific packages like, for example, California Doctor Database or Florida Nurse Database.

We wanted to price lower than any competitor out there so we decided on a starting package price of 19 dollars. This means that any database that has less than 20,000 records will have this base price. Any larger doctor database (or nurse database etc.) is priced accordingly to this logic:

  • $29 for number of records between 20K and 40K
  • $39 for number of records between 40K and 60K
  • $49 for number of records between 60K and 80K
  • $59 for number of records between 80K and 100K
  • $69 for number of records between 100K and 120K
  • $79 for number of records between 120K and 140K

The only exception to this rule is with our national packages. These are at much lower “per-record” prices in order to provide a discount for those interested in multiple number of states. I.e. it is cheaper to buy the complete national database (such as United States Dentist Database) then buying all of the state databases individually.