US Doctor Mailing List – Price Comparison

We have decided to put together a comprehensive price comparison of other online stores that sell medical lists. The purpose of this Competitive Intelligence study is to show our customers what other options they have and how our prices compare with others. The order of the studied websites is random.

Complete Medical Lists

The first one we picked is called Complete Medical Lists. I think you’d agree that their website is quite old school. It’s outdated and hard to navigate. They have created A LOT of different packages with quite strange names. For example, “Doctors at Office Address” as well as “Physicians Mailing Lists”. The latter one breaks down even further. We picked “Investing Physicians” as an example. The breakdown is even more confusing (the same column lists several funds as well as different states). The result: it’s unclear what we are getting. No sample to download and best of all … Get a Quote to find out more. It’s unclear where the data is coming from and therefore, how reliable it is.

Doctor Mailing

The next one is called Doctor Mailing. This website offers doctor mailing lists by state. No national package is available which makes their product very expensive (you have to pay at least $207 for one state). They also don’t provide email addresses. We have checked their sample and confirmed validity of data (sourced from the same federal agency). This means it’s the same data you can get from us for free (on our front page).

Doctor Databases

Doctor Databases uses the same database as we do (NPI) and they provide everything available including email addresses. Their sample is quite poor as it doesn’t show all the fields. The website seems outdated and so does the data. The latest update shows 2019. Seems like they have reduced all their packages into one which sells for $299.

Doctor Database

This websites uses the same data source (NPI) and has a very nice breakdown of packages by state, national or specialty. However, they do not provide email addresses and their packages are quite expensive. Samples confirm high-fidelity of data but again, this is the info you can download from us for free.


We hope this short review helps you make an informed decision when searching for physicians mailing lists. It demonstates that there are many websites selling the same products for quite varied prices. Please remember that this data is free to anyone under the FOIA act. This is why we provide the base product for free on our home page (see the Free mailing list download section on our front page). We want to be honest and transparent. The fees for our products cover our work of gathering data, processing it and finally, making it ready for download. Have a great day!