Introducing ‘Enumeration Date’: Empowering Precision in Physician Data Age Determination

We’re thrilled to unveil a significant enhancement to our physician database that promises to revolutionize the way we understand and utilize crucial demographic information. Introducing the latest addition: the ‘Enumeration Date’ field. This innovative inclusion opens up a wealth of possibilities, particularly in accurately determining the age of physicians within our database.

Understanding the age demographics of physicians within our database isn’t just about numbers; it’s about unlocking strategic insights that can shape business decisions and opportunities. With access to the ‘Enumeration Date’ field, our clients gain a powerful tool for identifying potential trends and opportunities within the medical field. For those in the market for dental practices, this data becomes invaluable in pinpointing which practitioners might be nearing retirement age, signaling potential sales opportunities. Similarly, it allows for targeted outreach to newer physicians who could benefit from development and management services, offering a proactive approach to business growth and support.

Through meticulous analysis of the enumeration data spanning physicians, dentists, nurses, and various healthcare professionals within our comprehensive database, a striking correlation between age and enumeration date has emerged. Our research indicates a clear pattern: individuals with an enumeration date from 2010 onwards are overwhelmingly younger professionals within their respective fields. This insight provides a reliable guideline for identifying newer entrants into the healthcare workforce, offering valuable context for assessing their career trajectory and potential needs. Whether you’re seeking to target emerging talent or gauge the longevity of established practitioners, this correlation serves as a powerful indicator for strategic decision-making.

Let’s take a closer look at a real-life example to illustrate the practical implications of our findings. Consider Dr. Manivara Krone, a pediatric dentist practicing in Bedford, TX. A cursory glance at her profile on ShareCare displays her age as 55, indicating an established professional within her field.

However, delving deeper into the National Provider Identifier (NPI) database unveils a crucial piece of information: Dr. Krone’s enumeration date is recorded as August 22, 2006. This confirmation aligns seamlessly with our research, reaffirming the correlation between enumeration date and practitioner age.

Dr. Krone’s enumeration date falling prior to 2010 serves as a reliable marker of her status as an experienced practitioner, offering valuable insight into her career trajectory and professional standing. This case study serves as a tangible demonstration of how our enumeration data empowers informed decision-making within the healthcare industry.

With our commitment to providing unparalleled value and insight to our clients, we are pleased to announce that beginning with our May 2024 database update, the enumeration date will be included as a standard feature across all our lists. This enhancement reflects our dedication to equipping our clients with the most comprehensive and actionable data available, empowering informed decision-making and driving success in the dynamic landscape of healthcare. Stay ahead of the curve with our updated database, and unlock new opportunities with the invaluable insights provided by the enumeration date.