Introducing free downloads

We are simplifying our website and reducing prices again. All to make it easier and more affordable for our clients to download the medical databases.

The first big change is an encapsulation of all the state products into one single product. So instead of having to browse through all the 51 US states and look for e.g. Alabama doctor database you now visit only one page for mailing lists of doctors (i.e. each medical database is represented by one product). You can also download the complete national database for each profession if you need all the states. Simply select the product variation before adding to cart. This is analogous to selecting size or color when shopping for merchandise on other websites.

The second but even more exciting change is that we have reduced prices even further. Now you can download most of the states for free. We only charge a fee for the more popular states like California, Florida, Texas and NY.

Please stay tuned as we introduce new products (with the same free download option) for nurses, therapists and more.

Update May 30, 2020

You can now download any part of our database completely free of charge using the mailing list download tool found on our home page.